Resources for Safer Schools

Comprehensive and immediate evacuation route maps for severe weather events and emergency situations, designed for athletic fields and expansive interior spaces such as gymnasiums, cafeterias, auditoriums, and more.

Customized safety plans

Event safety solutions

We create customized safety plans for each location, helping to facilitate speedy and organized evacuations during an emergency or severe weather event.

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Report any suspicious individuals or behavior to event staff. If you identify an immediate threat, CALL 911.

The evacuation routes for each location vary depending on available exits and proximity to other buildings or structures. Please refer to the evacuation videos on your district’s page to view the evacuation instructions at your specific location.

When determining your location, look for landmarks like ticket booths, press boxes, concessions stands, or home or visitor seating areas. As you watch the venue’s evacuation video, look at the map to see where the zones are relative to these landmarks. When you enter the venue, take a moment to look for signage that identifies the entry/exit number and zone color. This provides another reference point to help you determine the zone you entered through.

Evacuation Guidelines

Stay Calm.

Remain calm and avoid panicking. Panic can disrupt and delay the evacuation process. Follow the instructions provided by the event staff or emergency personnel.

Don’t Rush.

While it is important to evacuate quickly, avoid pushing, shoving, or cutting in line. Move in an orderly manner to prevent injuries and ensure everyone can exit smoothly and safely.

Assist Others.

If you encounter someone who needs help, assist them if it is safe to do so. This includes children, the elderly, and individuals with mobility issues.

Leave Belongings Behind.

Focus on your safety and leave personal belongings behind. Do not stop to retrieve items, as this can slow down the evacuation process.

Keep Communication Open.

If you are with a group, stick together if possible. Communicate with each other to ensure everyone is accounted for and no one gets left behind.

Follow Traffic Laws.

Emergency vehicles may need to access the area, so yield to them as necessary. By obeying traffic laws, you contribute to an orderly evacuation and minimize the risk of accidents.

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